Sonia E. Wilson - Publicity & Fundraising Consultant
'You can't expect to meet the challenges of today with yesterday's tools and expect to be in business tomorrow"-Unknown Source
The Challenge:
Raise money for the Medgar Evers College Educational Foundation by securing corporate sponsors for the Annual Legacy Awards Gala.
The Solution:
In a poor economy corporate and private donors have cut back on event sponsorship. In order to deliver measurable ROI we took a new approach: Endowed Presidential Scholarships. Scholarships were named in honor of the donors and as a result, we tripled the original goal set for 'sponsorship' of the Gala. Each endowed scholarship was valued at $100,000. A CEO Lecture Series was also established. Students in the Business, Communications and Health Studies & Technology Programs benefited from lectures delivered by corporate experts in those areas, in addition to internships at those organizations. This created tangible long-term notoriety for the brands, and new tuition funding sources for deserving students with financial need.
The Challenge: 
The Network Journal wanted to increase advertising
revenue and expand its advertising base to include 
 Law Firms and related businesses.
The Solution:
The Publisher was advised to do a special issue annually featuring African American Partners at Top New York City Law Firms. Sonia Wilson, for the fourth consecutive
year, has selected Law Partners who were featured on the cover of magazine's December issue. A new source of advertising revenue was delivered to the publication, and readership increased.
The Challenge:
The Metropolitan Black Bar Association's Annual Awards Dinner since its inception
was unprofitable. The organization needed to boost revenue in order to implement programs, award scholarships to law students and strengthen its image.
The Solution:
Lifetime membership letters produced immediate revenue. The top 100 ranked law
firms in New York City were solicited for sponsorships. Law Schools were introduced as sponsors and journal advertisers. The organization's profit margin has seen breakthrough results.
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